Second Life Community Standards

Being able to relate to the Avatars within Second Life is difficult because you have no idea what the person behind the avatars Social and cultural behavior is. That’s why Linden Labs have designed the Community Standards for within Second Life to help each individual enjoy their experience within the Community.

Community standards for Second Life have been created to make every user be able to be comfortable being within Second Life and express their ideas without fear of criticism or abuse. The conditions given in the community standards are basically guidelines or rules set to stop all harassment that could happen within Second Life and breaking these conditions can result in a suspension or if repeated can result in complete expulsion from Second Life.

The easiest way to remember the community standards would be to always treat others the way you would like to be treated in real life. The standards are underlined as “The Big Six” and express each standard in detail.

  1. Intolerance is the first that targets any type of derogatory language or images that can relate to a user’s gender, religion, race or sexual orientation.
  2. Harassment e.g. if a user is threating, intimidating or sexually harassing other users.
  3. Assaulting other users by pushing, shooting or using scripted objects to attack other users.
  4. Disclosure of other Second Life user’s personal information without their consent is prohibited.
  5. Any adult content is only to be displayed in adult communities and not in moderate or general communities.
  6. Disturbing the peace is the last standard of the big six, it relates to any user that disrupts events, advertising undesired content and spawning in large items that slow servers and stop the enjoyment of other users.

It is interesting that Second Life has participants from many different real life cultures making the avatar experience a real mix of cultures and beliefs. With this occurring there is always the possibility of differing parts of cultures being brought forward within Second Life.

In addition people can immerse themselves in the virtual world enabling them to adopt differing personalities. This is always a potential risk where people’s avatars become a personality which does not follow society’s norms.

If a user in Second Life was not following any of these standards that have been created to keep our experience within Second Life enjoyable, I would try talk to the user through the chat to start with to make sure they are aware of the standards set within Second Life. The reason I would do this is because most users wouldn’t know about the community standards unless they had a good search through the Second Life website even though some of them are common sense, some people can get too carried away within the virtual environment and break some of the standards. If talking to them has no effect and the user continues to disregard the standards then I would report them in the Second Life environment.

These rules or community standards are here to make sure that each person within Second Life enjoys and feels comfortable within their new virtual surroundings but if someone isn’t following these standards then they should learn the hard way that it won’t be tolerated. Over all be respectful to the avatars within Second Life and in turn you will be respectful to the users in real life.

Here is a link where you can find the Second Life Community Standards:


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