Brief for my Content Creation

The final assessment allows us to express what we have learned within Multi-User Virtual Environment’s and I have chosen a build of the human torso and its internal organs. I understand this will be a highly time intensive build but I feel like I will be able to achieve this.

Overall my main goal is to present an experience to other users through interactive objects, Textures and lighting, effects and if time even scripts. Hopefully by doing this I will be able to have other second life viewers interested and engaged within my build.

Creating this specific build I hope to give an educational 3d experience to second life users of the insides of a human body that has information about how they work together to make our body function as you walk around. I will start by building each individual organ focusing on the Heart, Lungs, Liver and stomach first, then creating the shell of the body’s skin around them. Once they have been placed correctly I will focus on the textures, scale, lighting and scripts if I have time and space. The Shell of this body will have a stairs case all the way up the inside of the body with platforms allowing the users to interact with the organs and gain information.

ipp  Building the heart

Layout of Organs
Working out where the stairs will go

Having a learning goal is important to help you realize what you are aiming for. I hope to learn a lot from this build especially the way you scale objects to allow avatars to enter the body and walk around the insides while maintaining a full view of each organs position. Also Lighting within this built will have to be organic in a sense because I can’t just put bright glowing objects throughout the inside of the body taking away from the users experience.

Over all having the build look life like enough for second life will be my biggest challenge but I expect to spend a lot of time of this build so I will be trying to experiment with what I have learned within class and online tutorials to learn how to make it look the best it can be in all aspects.


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