Building 3d

Building in second life wasn’t an option for me after I tried countless times to create something as difficult as building lungs. Anything organic is extremely difficult to build within second life so I decided to create them within a 3d sculpting program called Sculptris.  By doing this I will be able to create exactly what I want and have some good detail on them, I will then import the meshes created into second life as normal objects.

I have Created my stomach, Liver and lungs within Sculptris and they have turned out great, the only set back is I cannot import a file type of .obj into second life. After doing some research online about how to import into second life I discovered that I will need to import the .obj files into another 3d sculpting program named blender to export them once again into a .dae file. By doing this my sculpted files can now be imported into Second life.

Lungs  Liver


I was able to import the files into second life but I needed to research how to put them in without the detail resolution being to high, otherwise I the object would be to large for me to place onto my build platform. Once I asked Clare for some $L (Currency within Second life) I was able to import each sculpt into second life and play around with the setting to get them just right. I had one problem with my lungs unfortunately, I lowered the resolution because my lungs were to large but because it was lowered, there were parts missing from the build. I think the problem with this was that it had to much detail in the first stage of sculpting so I might have to go back and recreate a simplified version of them to make them work.



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