After creating the basic 3d sculpts I need for my build the next thing I needed to get were organic textures to make them more life-like. I found an amazing texture pack on the Unity 3d app store that I had to purchase myself but it came with a full selection of different types of blood, flesh and gory textures. Once I had purchased it, I found that I couldn’t open it without downloading unity itself and once I had downloaded it and opened it up I could export the files out of unity into the correct file type I needed. Due to the textures all being in a .Tiff File type and Second life cant take that file type I hit a wall. Ive tried all sorts of exporting from unity but they still stay linked to Unity.

Ive spent countless hours searching how I can get these textures in the right file format and asked many people about it but not many people no how because they haven’t tried anything like this before. hopefully if I put a question on the Unity forum I will be able to get some answers but if not im going to have to find other textures I can use. It will be a real shame not to use the unity textures but if I run out of options im going to have to resort to that.



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