Flowing Ideas

I was looking into how I can make my build be immersible but with reducing the amount of complicated sculpts and Clare gave me the great idea to allow the avatars to enter the body. At first I was going to make a full torso outside of the organs and allow avatars to just walk straight through the front and inside the body but using sculpts means i wont be able to achieve this very easily. Clare suggested that I just allow avatars to teleport inside the body and that would solve a lot of my problems.  I have now created a 3d torso in Sculptris and imported it inside second life. The next step I will need to achieve will be trying to make a shell to contain the organs and creating walk ways to let the avatars walk up the inside and view each of the organs.


Im still dealing with some serious problems to do with rendering my sculpts within second life, applying my textures to my sculpts and also being able to make my build just look the way I had envisioned it. Sadly I am running out of time to get this assignment in and I might need to compromise with some of my ideas to actually get this completed on time.


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