Finnishing build

I solved all my issues I had with my textures. I had to take them out of the unity file that i had downloaded import it into a Pdf file then copy and past each image one by one so that I could save them as an image file. Sadly putting a texture on a mesh item within second life makes the texture stretch across every angle and start the texture again meaning the texture is unrecognizable.

Once I had the textures on the mesh the best I could then i started the build around the mesh to create a box to in case the project completely. I placed a simple box prim and hollowed out the center to do this. Now that I can covered my whole project it meant I wasn’t able to enter the build with ease so I created a teleport both outside and inside to enter and exit. Rezing my torso I built and entering a script within it that will allow a user to right click and select teleport. Sadly I didn’t work with other avatars other then me so I had to edit it once again. I added a extra script to the heart object within my build so that when a avatar clicks on it, it would grow in size and decrease in size like it was beating. I wanted to enter a timer to it so it would beat on its own and have a sound effect entered but I could get it working properly with the script or get a sound file that would allow me to upload it in.

I created a walkway throughout the build with simple prims so the avatars can explore the insides of the build with viewing platforms as well.  Each platform was giving floating images of how the organs look within a real body so that the avatars get a sense of where they are. I was planning on entering a script that allows the users to click on them and receive information about the organ. Sadly I didn’t get to this due to other classes getting ahead of me and my time management.

I have applied textures to each of the walkway prims so that it looks like the inside of a human body, with blood and shinning colours. I would’ve liked to do so much more work within this build I have run out of time. Overall the build looks good and I have put a lot of time into the way I wanted it to be. The biggest downside is that I haven’t put the information within the objects to really complete it. I hope others enjoy exploring my build and hope it gives them a sense of the way our organs sit within our bodies.


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